About John McGuire

I spent my childhood and crucial formative years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin constantly drawing. After I saw Star Wars my life was never the same. I couldn’t believe what I saw and spent thousands of hours trying to recapture it. What people forget is that Star Wars is actually a documentary, and it already happened… a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

I started skateboarding after Back to the Future. Now I can’t imagine a future without skateboarding. When you ride a skateboard you see the weird, wild, ugly and wonderful sides of life in the city.

I lived in San Diego for the last 16 years chasing the endless summer, finding and discovering all the amazing skatespots and working in all dimensions in the skateboard industry.
I recently moved back to Milwaukee where I live with my lady and our 2 amazing cats, in an old funeral home, complete with vintage embalming equipment. I don’t believe in ghosts, Santa or the Easter Bunny. I do believe I can draw Darth Vader blind-folded.

I’ve illustrated graphics for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company, Foundation Super Co and ATM Skateboards; and I’ve provided successful product and branding ideas to Zero Skateboards and independent skateboard brand 1031.